4 Reasons to Buy an Investment Property in Brisbane

Brisbane is becoming one of the hottest places in the nation to invest in property in 2018. More and more investors are heading towards Brisbane because it is one of the affordable property markets in Australia. From a growing population to high-end infrastructure development projects, the city is gaining a lot of popularity among smart property investors across the world.

There you can enjoy the best opportunities for capital growth – thanks to the growth prospects of liveability, economic growth and affordability. If you are smart enough to pour your capital in an investment property, then look at the four reasons why Brisbane is the best place to invest in:

Affordable Market

If you compare the property prices in Sydney and some parts of Melbourne, then you will find that investing in the Brisbane real estate market is still affordable. That is why most of the property owner occupiers and potential investors are looking for hotspots in Brisbane to buy their choice of property to enjoy healthy rental returns.

Tip: Do thorough market research and look for the suburbs that can give the most out of your investment outcomes effectively and efficiently.

Unstoppable Growth

According to the experts, Brisbane is expected to introduce 662,000 residents by 2031 – this is huge. To accommodate that numbers, an additional 280,000 residential properties are needed. It means this is the right time to invest in the Brisbane property market because the demand for rental accommodation is expected to grow in the next few years.

It is essential to know the right ways to achieve investment goals, especially while investing in Brisbane Real Estate Market.

Top-class Infrastructure Development Projects

Brisbane is predicted to introduce some of the world-class infrastructure projects by the end of 2022. And the best part is that Brisbane will leverage benefit from investment in excess of $18 billion. Some of the major projects include:

  • Brisbane Metro
  • The Queen’s Wharf Precinct
  • Redevelopment of the Brisbane Airport
  • An international Cruise Terminal

So, buying a property in Brisbane can bring countless benefits of infrastructure developments, which in turn, increase the capital growth rate of the real estate in the next few years.

Decline in Supply Rate

Quarterly apartment approvals in Brisbane have declined by 75 per cent in the year between 2015 and 2017. With the increasing demand for accommodations (due to the migration and job growth), Brisbane’s property market is positioned for growth in the short as well as long-term.


These reasons are enough you convince you that buying an investment property in Brisbane can be your life’s best decision. You should dig deeper to find the best properties in the top locations of Brisbane that can help you enjoy healthy rental returns and capital growth.